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Miracast Works on Surface 2


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Tested multiple times with disconnecting and reconnecting. Still has mouse lag and streaming video sound still stutters. This seems to be an issue only with streaming from the web, not a local file.

It needs to have these 2 issues addressed to be perfect. For browsing and presenting, it should be fine.

Is this a Surface hardware issue or a limitation with the Netgear PTV-3000 adapter?


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Are there any monitors with Miracast built in yet? Really interesting in trying this... although the issues you mention would seem to make for an annoying experience if you were relying on it all the time I guess.


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I believe some LG has the standard miracast built in for this years models. Samsung has their own version called allshare cast, but it only works with Samsung devices.


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Yeah I searched and found LG before actually, but they seem to only start with their TV's which are 32" and above... whereas I want a monitor around 21"-22" :(