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Interesting Modular Windows Smartwatch Video


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This isn't exactly Surface news, but it is interesting Windows news. I just found this fascinating modular Windows smartwatch video. A company called Phone Blocks is working on this device with Samsung and Intel. The most intriguing feature of the phone is its modularity, which means if you don't like the square face, you can swap it out for a round one, and make other changes too.

Share your thoughts on this unusual product.
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Looks pretty awesome, but I would need it in hand to answer:

1. How comfortable is that strap gonna be? I' leaning towards an Apple Watch purely based on a leather strap.

2. Waterproof/Sweatproofing those jack-joints in the strap?

Overall though it looks great :)


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I get the impression it's more of a concept at this point than a real product. But no less of a great idea.
Looks very interesting indeed. Might be the first SmartWatch I'd consider, but honestly, won't pay over $150 for the full thing if it's just breaking down what current SmartWatches have made permanent...SmartWatches just don't have enough unique features over a SmartPhone to justify their price tags.