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Intermittent freezing of webpages when Pen used to scroll


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I have a Surface Book, performance base, 1TB.

I use the Pen (as opposed to the trackpad) to scroll webpages; specifically by dragging the scrollbar up and down.
But intermittently (maybe once every 10 minutes, or even more), the browser will freeze - the Pen can no longer grab the scrollbar and drag it.
Very frustrating!
Doesn't matter which browser - Edge, IE, chrome, firefox.

Usually I can get to scroll again with the Pen after pressing the down arrow key on the keyboard; but sometimes I need to restart the browser.

I went to Best Buy; they called a Microsoft Rep, who said the Pen was not meant to scroll.
I went to a Microsoft Store; they told me since the scrolling issue began on the first day I received my Surface Book, it may be a hardware problem and I should exchange my Surface Book for a new one (30 day replacement is up tomorrow).

I suspect it is a software issue, specifically a bug in Windows 10. I really don't want to replace my Surface Book, losing my apps, settings... only to have the same problem.

Has anyone else had a similar issue with scrolling using the Pen?
Idea for a solution?

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I have a Surface Book 1TB with Performance Base, and a Surface Book 512.

No problems scrolling with the pen, when I choose to do so.

Make sure your Clipboard (the display screen / actual computer) is connected properly. Metal shavings, dirt, oil, or debris can get in the way of one of the contacts. Then when the Clipboard wobbles a bit from using the pen, an intermittent connection might be causing the problem. Just a guess.

Many problems have been solved by blowing out / cleaning the contacts. The tiny metal shavings or dust or fibers can be picked up by the magnets, and even smoke or smog can dirty these connectors, since a fan may draw air.

Does not sound like a hardware issue.
I am running Windows 10 16184.rs_prerelease.170424-2211


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Thanks once again for your input.

Well I tried somehow to get myself to live with the freezing that occurs when using the Pen to scroll webpages.

But the freezing was becoming more and more irritating.
It came to a point where I was almost afraid to scroll webpages: fear that at any instant the page will freeze.

The techs at the physical microsoft store, and online - could not solve or offer an explanation for the problem. So I swapped my Surface Book for a new one (I was day 30 of the 30 day window).

After 24 hours, my new Surface Book has the same problem, only worse.
I installed nothing on the Surface Book; did not change any of the default settings. I wanted to test it first.

Edge, as with my first surface book, was freezing intermittently when using the Pen on the scrollbar.
Previously I could get the browser to respond to the Pen again after pressing the down arrow key on the keyboard.
But now everything is frozen- nothing on the desktop responds to the Pen. Icons on the taskbar, start menu - nothing responds to the point of the PEN.

I shut down and restarted using the touchpad - when returning to the desktop - still nothing responds to the PEN. Can't click Start, any of the icons, with the Pen.

I don't think it is a problem with the PEN - it still pairs with the Surface Book. Double-clicking the eraser brings up Sticky Notes - I think that is what the program is called.

Everything still responds normally to touch (whether finger touch on the screen or using the touchpad).

So I am returning to the Microsoft store tomorrow, and I will ask them if they can figure this out. Unfortunately if they can't, I will have to return it.

Surface Book is not a PEN computer - and as such is not worth the purchase price of more than $5000 CAN.

I apologize if I sound like I'm venting.


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Is it possible you are using the Surface Book in an area with radio frequency interference issues? Users on this site have complained of touchpad or pen issues before discovering that the problem only happened at home (or only happened at one venue) due to improperly grounded or installed power supply or fluorescent lighting, an old microwave oven or even a communications tower or radio transmitter. Can the problem be re-created at the Microsoft Store or elsewhere?


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You make an interesting point actually.
I haven't been able to recreate the problem elsewhere, but so far I've used the Surface Book mostly at home.

I did try to reproduce the problem at a physical Microsoft store on their Surface Books, but I was unable to.
I suspected I didn't spend enough time trying though.

The thing is that I have never had a Pen issue with my Fujitsu Lifebook T900, which I have been using since 7 years.
Since 3 years, I also have a Samsung Note 3 phone - which comes with a Pen and with which I have never had a problem.

Anyways I'm keeping my Surface Book for now (microsoft says I have another 30 days to evaluate the laptop since it's another one). I sent a note to Microsoft via Microsoft Feedback Hub.
I am 1 of millions, so I am under no illusions that Microsoft might actually pay attention to my note.

But hopefully things will somehow sort out.

Thanks again for your input; as I said before your idea of some kind of problem electrical interference is interesting!
I will post an update.