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Pinch to Zoom After Pen Use

I came across an interesting issue today. When trying to pinch to zoom in the same spot after using the pen, there is a lot of lag. It will either not do anything or it will scroll. I downloaded "multi touch test" from the Windows store to see if it was registering both fingers after using the pen. It does not register both fingers when touching the screen in the area the pen just was. If you use the pen on one side of the screen and then touch the opposite side, there is no issue registering both fingers.

I noticed this when using various apps and confirmed that it is system wide using the multi touch app.

Anybody else having this issue or know how to fix it? Hopefully it is software and not hardware. I'm up to date running the 1511 and Nov 18 firmware update.

Update: I tried this on my wife's Thinkpad Yoga 12 (Wacom EMR) and it seems to have the same issue, though not quite as bad.

I haven't had any intense note taking session in a while, but I'm pretty positive I've had to immediately zoom in on parts of my notes right after and never had any issues.

I guess I feel better knowing that the issue isn't specific to this device and especially mine..
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I have this behavior, too. Seems Windows 10 is doing some thinking, changing from some kind of pen tracking to sensing touch. The scroll may be that one of the pinch fingers is detected before the other.

Much less of an effect on my i7 Surface Book than the i7 Surface Pro 3.
So as processor speed improves, this problem may be reduced.