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Odd intermittent Pro3 Touch Cover touchpad stuck issue


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I have an absurdly irritating issue with my Surface Pro 3 that is intermittent, and I've never noticed a cause for it.

Sometimes, in the middle of use, my Surface Pro3 Touch Cover touchpad enters a bizzare state:

The touch screen works normally in all respects.
Moving the mouse mouse pointer with the touchpad works fine.
Clicking by actually depressing the touchpad 'buttons' works fine.

However - if I TAP (not depress/click) the touchpad to click, the first time I tap, it 'sticks' as if I were holding the button down.

The second time I tap, it acts as if I had released the button, and depressed it again, now dragging whatever I had selected.

The third time I tap, nothing happens, it stays in that state, unless I double-tap in which it releases and goes back to normal.

If I physically click/depress the touchpad, or touch the screen, it also releases the stuck state.

Ive tried everything to fix it - disconnecting the keyboard and reconnecting does nothing. Disabling and re-enabling the touch cover does nothing. The only thing that gets it out of that state is a full reboot. Which is oftentimes extremely inconvenient when I'm in the middle of work with a lot of windows open.

Googling this issue turns up nothing.

Has anyone seen this before? Any suggestions? I dont even see a setting anywhere for a tap and drag, which is something I saw in an IBM Lenovo forum regarding their lenovo touchpad. But the surface touch cover doesn't have a tap and drag setting, at least nowhere that I can find.



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I have a similar issue. Sometimes, when I tap, it seems as if I'm holding down a mouse button. To recover, I press the escape key. After I do that, taps don't work and the touchpad buttons don't work. If I log out and sign in again, the buttons and taps start to work again.

This establishes that it's not a hardware problem. A driver or service is hanging until it's restarted by a login. I don't know how to diagnose this.