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Internet Explorer Downgrade !? (version 10 to 9)


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Hello everybody,

I'm new here and I hope someone could help me (I'm pretty sure that it doesn't work what I want)

I'm looking for a tablet for my collegues at work who must do the entire work with tablets after my tests.

I had an Ipad 3 before, on which my problem also existed. Now i changed to the Surface Tablet cause at work we just use Windows applications.

Actually my problem is that i want to acces to an RDP (Remote Desktop). With a normal internet explorer it works, i can acces to my work server.

The problem is that Internet explorer 10 installed on the surface tablet does not allow the connection, so i need Internet Explorer 9 on my surface tablet

How to DOWNGRADE ???

Best regards
A downgrade is not possible.
Two ideas: Try to enable the compability-view in IE10 (Desktop, the broken page symbol inside the address-field), or use the remote-desktop-app from the store.
Welcome Lauro. Mr. NK has good suggestions. IE on the Surface (in Windows 8/RT for that matter) is a little different than usual. The Modern IE app (the one on the Start screen) is different than the desktop IE (the one access via the desktop). The desktop version tends to be more robust and compatible than the app version.

You should always try the desktop version if the IE app on the Start screen does not work as expected. The desktop IE also includes extra features such as the compatibility mode. So if you still can't get the page to work by switching to desktop IE (that by itself may be enough) then you can try the compatibility mode feature as described above. Using desktop IE (+ compatibility if necessary) resolves most issues.

If you are still experiencing difficulties after trying the switch to desktop IE and using compatibility mode, provide details of the error and chances are somebody here will have a solution for you.

Are you attempting to access an RDP session via a web portal? If so that will not be possible on the RT device even under Compatibility because the session requires an ActiveX Plugin that isn't supported in IE 10. But with the assistance of your IT team you should be able to use the built-in RPD program mstsc.exe as it supports connecting to a RDP Gateway (the web site uses this as well).