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Odd Issue with Internet Explorer Settings on SP


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Having an odd problem with my Surface Pro running Win 8: I get solid Wifi connectivity, but when I am on the Metro home screen and attempt to check mail, update through the store, open NextGen Reader or open Internet Explorer I get a "You're not connected to the Internet" message. Odd that the mail icon has told me I have emails, the store icon has told me I have updates, and the NextGen icon has told me I have unread feeds.

If I go to the desktop and open Internet Explorer, it works perfectly. :confused:

If I change Explorer|Tools|Internet Options|Connections|LAN Settings to uncheck the "Use Proxy Server" checkbox, everything works perfectly: IE on the desktop continues to work, and I can return to the Metro screen and everything works fine there. :eek:mg:

If I shut down, all settings revert back to what they were, and I have to go through the drill again. The "Use Proxy Server" box won't stay unchecked after shutdown. :angry:

Does anybody have any ideas?