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Internet Explorer vs Firefox vs Google Chrome


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Internet Explorer runs buttery smooth on the Surface 3. How about Firefox and Google Chrome? Thank you in advance!


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Moving this thread to x86 apps. The question doesn't only apply to the S3. A few searches on the forum will locate discussions regarding the pros and cons of each.


It actually can be Surface 3 specific. I have found that IE 11 cannot handle heavy scripts pulling remote content and displaying ads on websites such as cnn.com without hanging with lots of lag and long running script and browser not responding warnings that a Surface Pro 3 might be able to power through without a problem.
Just because a web page works one way in a browser on a Surface Pro 3, it doesn't mean it will perform the same on Surface 3.
Chrome works better on somethings and IE works better on others.
CNN.com doesn't hang on Chrome on a Surface 3 like IE 11 does, but IE 11 handles other things better such as playing 4k videos on youtube. A Surface Pro may play 4K video fine on both browsers.
On the sites that IE 11 can handle without crashing on, it may use less RAM, CPU and battery than opening the same sites in Chrome.


I switch between Firefox and IE all the time...Can't say I notice much difference but I don't do stuff like watching youtube movies. It is more development purposes for me and how it renders and how Responsive it is...