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Internet issue


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Sticking it here as it happens most on windows 10.

My main desktop is playing up. It's been absolutely fine until recently where it is just not getting any bandwidth. Running speedtest, I get 0.19 down, and 0.74 up. In comparisson, my other devices in the same room get 50 down 20 up. The desktop will go as low as 0.01 down and up.

I've installed linux, and that got it to about 9 up 9 down. I then broke linux as I always do, so re-installed windows 10 and it starts off fine, getting about 10 up and down and had more than enough to do build updates etc, and now it's crapped out to nothing again. I've full signal, have moved the receiver about, tried different receivers, you name it. I can't work out what on earth would cause it. Tin foil hat time, could my router or ISP have blacklisted the machine somehow for some reason?

Any thoughts?


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Yes indeed, sounds like you are being throttled, unless you think Linux would have sustained a higher rate.

I suggest taking it to a friend’s place, if they have a different provider, and trying your computer on their WiFi. Could be very revealing.