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Intocircut 26000mah external battery with ebay surface cable.


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Any answers on this?

Does anyone know which external battery is the best for SP2?
I heard Intocircut 26000mah is good and can provide two fully charge for SP2. Anyone has it? Is it truth?

Anyone know what is the DC output connector for that battery? Is it 5.5mm*2.5mm?

Which of the following cable fit for the external battery WITHOUT adapter?
Wall Charger Cable for Microsoft Surface RT Surface Pro | eBay

New Power Charger Adapter Cable Fit for Microsoft Surface RT Surface Pro | eBay

I looked into it a bit for you, and the barrel plug that the Intocircut output plug uses is 5.5mm*2.5mm. The battery itself is used by a number of people for the surface/surface pro.

Microsoft Surface External Battery & Car Adapter Charger That site sells the battery/cable combination in one spot and has good reviews from those that have ordered from there, plus they have additional options for car chargers and such which are nice.

Do not charge above 12v btw if using this battery with the surface.