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iPad Mini

The boss had to have one. Brought it in and I must say, what a worthless device. Screen is too small for a viable tablet. No voice ability and too bulky to be a good phone. Screen is okay, but not as good as my Droid Razr. At least the regular iPad is good for Youtube and ebooks.

I can't see anything that recommends it.
Well they had to leave the screen at the iPad2 resolution so then they could come out this year and hail the mightiness of the iPad Mini retina! Phone capability just ruins the experience of a tablet so they will leave that to Samsung who is just copying them anyway...
I purchased one for my mom fdor Christmas and it's not bad of a tablet, it's not for me though. I would have bought her a Surface RT, but bought the iPad Mini because it has data service. Turns out she didn't want me to spend money on a data plan and she heads over to my aunt's house for internet. Should have waited to get her a Surface I thought to myself. Oh well, maybe I'll upgrade her to a, hopefully, a Surface RT Mini.
We bought one for the owner of the company at a previous job. I fully expected to hate it, but I was honestly impressed. They managed to make it a lot smaller without reducing screen size too much. The actual screen of the mini is not much smaller than the full iPad. A lot of the reduction in size came from the reduced bezel. But, its still an iPad...
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Have you ever tried to give a presentation and while doing it walk the room to get into closer contact with your audience? I own an iPad and a Surface RT and it is only with the iPad that I can do it.

What I want to point out is that an iPad Mini might not be that much useless, and of course everything depends on what you need to accomplish.

And, of course, if you need to work with Excel files -without VBA- the Surface RT is the better choice, for me.