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New Surface - Bing Rewards and Pen/Keyboard/cover/MS Complete


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So.. Got my Surface 3 4gb/128gb on Tues. I have a USB Keyboard/touchpad from an old PC, but I use my Surface mostly in Tablet mode.

Thinking I should get a Pen, but not sure if I will use it. Keyboard even less so. I am on my regular work laptop most of the day. Pen seems pretty cool though.

I am looking for a good way to carry this around inside and outside of my house. I had a back cover and MS smart cover on an old ipad. On my Asus T100 I used a small 10" bag to carry it outside. It was plastic, so I just carried it without any case/covers.

The surface metal back seems like it could get scratched up though. Wondering whether I should use something on the back. Also, on the display? MS sells a screen protector, but I hate using those unless the screen is really susceptible to scratches.

MS Complete for $99? is it worth it?

Any bags or cases with a strap that would be good for carrying this thing through an airport or around town? Not too bulky?

Waiting for the 2000 bing rewards points to maybe buy some accessories. Anyone got this yet?


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Ok so for the case/cover, Trident Case covers the back of the Surface, also provides a pen loop.

No need for the screen protector for normal use (not industrial use) - my Surface 2 went through hell with me for school and there was not a single scratch. I used it 8 hours everyday

MS Complete is always worth it. They do no bull and straight away trade your device if you have any problems.


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Hmm...Trident case seems cool. A little more protection than I think I need and pricey.

I was really looking for something like a hard shell for the back.

Something like this:

Then again... maybe the back of the surface doesn't scratch as easily as an ipad? Anyone have experience with that?
Yep I use my Surface 2 naked all the time, no scratches on the back - only on the sides.