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iPads and Registrations; Why Does This Site Block iPad Users from Registration?!?


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I'm curious why this site chooses to block users on iPads from registering on Safari?

To iPad owners if you are using Safari and attempting to register you will reach the captcha screen that will tell you your input doesn't match. This is an issue with Safari. You'll need to switch to a different browser on your iPad or switch to a different device. It is most frustrating.
We weren't aware of that problem, thanks for bringing it to light! :) We'll look into it and try to get that fixed.
I've tested the registration in Safari on an iPad running iOS 7.0.3 and had no problem, the process worked as expected. Which version of iOS and safari did you have trouble with?
I had a similar problem on my iPhone with safari or chrome (iOS 7.0.3) in that the bot check question is not actually there, so I didn't know what the answer was. Ended up doing it on my SP2. photo.PNG