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is it possibel to shut off touchscreen but pen work?


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Ok so I have a sp2, refurbished 256. I am trying to love it but I am spending a long time trying to understand why I am having issues with the TOUCHSCREEN. I have done most of the trouble shooting except refresh or restore. hardware seems to be fine. it may be emi but I want to rule out something with the hardware before my 30 days is out. other then the head phone jack being loose the tablet appears perfect.

Well except the TOUCHSCREEN.

It may be 2 different issues but this is what's happening. btw I have the touchcover 2 but I believe it was happening before I put it on and happened with it off.

So the cursor will go to the left mid screen and flicker. the TOUCHSCREEN won't work and either a pen or Bluetooth mouse can still function, its not 100% because the cursor is still trying to go the the side. Sometimes I can swipe from the left onto the screen and it will stop and other times that doesn't work. usually it renders the TOUCHSCREEN dead but the pen works. if I go to sleep and rewake the screen it usually funtions as normal.

If I have to restore or refresh I will. I was also thinking maybe there is a quick setting to shut TOUCHSCREEN off. I just don't want to send this one back only to find out its an emi.

Thanks is advance for your time.