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Touchscreen issues


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I've done a few searches and not found anything, but sorry if this is has been addressed before.
I've had my surface book about 6 months and generally I'm very pleased with it.
But I have a huge amount of issues where the touchscreen is being activated event though the lid is shut as I'm using an external monitor, keyboard and mouse.
Even on boot up when it's disconnected from everything it just got stuck with the cursor in the top left hand corner constantly clicking so I couldn't log in or power off.
I initially thought my Bluetooth mouse and keyboard were to blame but having stopped using them I can see its the touchscreen acting as though it's being pressed that is causing the issues.
It's very odd watching my machine maximise and minimise and even open windows all by itself and it's getting to the point that typing a document is near impossible.
This doesn't happen all the time but I haven't been able to identify a cause, apart from I know not to put my mobile phone on top of the closed lid as that causes interference.
Has any one else had this issue? Any ideas on how to fix it? Sometimes a restart or disconnecting and reconnecting the screen solves it , but often not.
It's fully up to date running windows 10 with anniversary update and I tried a full wipe and reinstall from scratch last week and the problem remains. The problem happened both before and after the anniversary update.


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Completely rebuilt it from the rescue media I created when it arrived and still go the same issue. I'm starting to think its a warranty job. Does anyone have any ideas?


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This could be a dirty physical connection issue. You may have dirt or debris (magnetic shavings) in the blade connection area of your Surface Book. Use a dry, soft toothbrush to brush the male and female connection ports of your base unit (keyboard) and clipboard (screen / computer).

I had a very similar problem a month ago. The cursor would jump up to the top right, and strobe or click. I suspected a warped screen or hardware damage. Brushing the connections solved the problem immediately.

A downside of having magnetic connectors is that tiny metal shavings or magnetized dust or debris can also be attracted.

Wayne Orwig

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It SHOULD be disabled by the magnetic sensors. Are you putting anything in the gap between the base and screen that might interfere with the magnet?
Do you have any speakers (like the cell phone speaker) nearby that might interfere?


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The lid is fully closed, but I do have a cell phone on my desk, it's as far away from the laptop as it can be and the speakers only on when I get calls which isn't when I'm having the screen issues. I've logged it with Microsoft and apparently there can be issues and there's a hot fix here for it https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/3165497 . I've downloaded and run it and the hotfix generates an output file which says it's failing. I've only just run it though so I will see if it makes any difference and update.