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Is it possible to get the ink/pen widget tool from modern UI Onenote to loadup in Onenote 2013


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Hi guys,

I've noticed that in the modern UI Onenote there is a widget ink/pen tool which floats around and allows me to change the ink at ease without having to go back to the top menu.

I havent been able to locate this tool in onenote 2013. Is it possible to get this tool to load up?


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LOL The "How To" part of your post is missing :)

This is a question not a "How To"

I'm afraid the answer is probably wait for a OneNote Desktop update that includes this feature. OR wait for a MUI OneNote update that includes all the desktop features. :-(


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Hey, thanks for the reply.

That's a shame about one note.

Title changed. I guess 9am on a sunday is too early for me!