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SP3 getting hot with OneNote 2016 and IE 11, especially when pen is used


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Just would like to see if there are any solutions that I can try for a few of my problems with the SP3. The severity of the problems are stated.

1) (MAJOR) When the pen is used in OneNote 2016, the CPU usage suddenly spikes from a base of ~1% to ~30%. When the pen is not used, it quickly reverts back down to the base.

2) (MAJOR) Probably related to (1), but OneNote becomes non-responsive every 1 to 2 minutes of writing, but snaps back to being responsive in about 10-15 seconds within being non-responsive

2) (MAJOR) IE 11 CPU usage may sometimes spike to ~20-40% with 1 or 2 tabs.

3) (MAJOR) This last problem is a weird one. Sometimes the pen may bleed ink (i.e. ink coming onto the screen when the pen is not in contact). Sometimes the pen may be detected only sporadically (i.e. the small dot that signifies the detection of the pen flickers when the pen is held close enough). When the above happens, writing may become cut off, and the eraser will bleed ink (eraser writing ink! WHAT?)

4) (MODERATE) When exporting a .pdf from OneNote 2016, the resultant .pdf may have approximately half cut off with blank pages that say "Please wait while OneNote loads this Printout."

5) (MILD) The top pen button does not work (either one-click or two-click).

Let me just give you some background:

SP3 i5 256GB, bought approximately 3 months ago

Notebooks total approximately 2.2 GB. But I have split them up into 6 notebooks which average 300 to 400 MB each

I have gotten a new pen, which exhibits all the same problems as the old pen (probably not the pen's problem?)

Can anyone help with any of the problems? It would be greatly appreciated if you could :) Just ask any questions you may have to clarify. I'll try to answer them as quickly as possible.