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Is my surface pro 8’s screen normal?


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Hi guys, I’m new here. I’m wondering if it’s normal for surfaces to have light spots or patches with a yellow/red tint? I've taken a photo of mine. I've upped the contrast a bit but I just wanted to show the colours. I wanted the surface pro 8 for art but I’ve tried a few and I’m not able to get one without such colour tint patches. It’s very distracting for my work. So, it this normal for surface? Do your surfaces have it?

I would like to find out if there are any that don't have this issue :(

I have a surface go 3 which doesn’t have patches but the screen colour is still more yellowish than other devices I have. But since it's even I can still work with it, but not when it has different tints all over.


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No, this is not normal. It is not likely an indication of something that will get worse, but obviously this interferes with your ability to use the SP8. I've set up many geophysical workstations using Surface devices, and have found that color can look different or inconsistent due to some fluorescent lighting, some cleaning residue on the screen, or some battery bulging or screen warping. These don't seem to be your issues, as it seems you have been trying to remedy.