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is surface pro 3 type cover compatible with surface 3?


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I have a surface 3 and want to purchase the type cover, but my local store in Vietnam doesn't have it. They only have surface pro 3 type cover model, which is known to be larger than the one I want to buy. I do not mind the dimension difference but can the type cover for surface pro 3 be used with my surface 3? (specifically the mount point)

On a side note, I know this is kind of weird but I have no option to buy the right type cover model. And the store does not have display sample so I cannot try.


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Welcome Nav. Any reason you cannot simply buy one off the internet?

But yes, the SP3 typecover will work with the S3. If i recall correctly, the magnetic strip will not work allowing for the raised typing position, only allowing for it to lie flat on the table (which I personally cannot stand).


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thanks hughile.
I bought one online and it went missing in custom inspection, and I don't want to try again, that sucks :(