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Type cover pro 3 on surface 3 (not pro)


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So, I decided to buy a Pro 3 Type Cover to use with my Surface 3, because I read on the web that it has many advantages over the type cover 3. So far, it's been good, but I miss being able to snap the keyboard to the bottom of the Surface, so that the keyboard is angled. Notice that I don't mean the connector snapping, but that one which elevates the keyboard a bit. The connector is snapping correctly. The magnets that make this possible are a little apart from the Surface 3 bottom corners.
I was thinking on inserting small magnets in the correct places (very small ones, so that the cuts would not be noticeable), or something like that, but I'm not sure what's inside that part where the magnets are placed, as it looks hard.
Has anyone managed to hack the Pro 3 Type Cover so that it snaps to the Surface 3?