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Is the M3 OK for Adobe Creative Suite use?

I've got the M3 SP4 and I'm loving it but I'm considering using it as my ONLY computer instead of just a tablet and occasional computer. I signed up for the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite - I mostly do business application development (Lotus Notes and Microsoft SharePoint), project management and web site development, and I plan to start doing more image and video editing with the SP4.

Should the M3 with 4 GB of RAM be enough to handle this, while using MS Office and having Outlook open and also having a web browser with lots of windows open, or should I exchange it for the i5 or i7 with 8 or even 16 GB of RAM?

Thanks very much in advance!


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Will that work, probably. Will it continue to work well, maybe not. I think your choice of apps would call for at least an i5 processor. You're on the edge with the M3.