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Surface Pro 4 Core M3 vs Surface Pro 3 Core i7


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I'm in the position to choose, at no cost, between the following two Surface Pro tablets both with keyboards.

Option 1:
Surface Pro 3 - Intel Core i7 6650U CPU / 8GB RAM / 256GB Storage


Surface Pro 4 - Intel M3 6Y30 CPU / 4GB RAM / 128GB Storage

Been going round in circles as comparing high end Surface Pro 3 to entry level Surface Pro 4 and different generation processors. Appreciate the improvements made between Pro 4 vs Pro 3.

Usage - Really it's a school work computer for my son, however he would like to play games on it, however I think that aspect isn't essential as we have games consoles and also an MSI Trident Core i5 gaming PC (direct application link removed by Moderator) so gaming isn't a must have as this machine would take care of that side of things . Appreciate that the i7 would handle video editing and Adobe suite of programs better but again, can run those on the the MSI machine if required.

So, seeking advice from those who are better equipped to answer the question - my instinct is the Surface Pro 4, even though it's the entry level configuration.

Thanks in advance
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I have the SP4 M3 model and it's excellent as a work/personal machine. In fact, just about the best laptop I've owned. More than fast enough for these uses but I'm not a gamer. Only niggles are a shortage of USB ports and a few apps that don't adapt well to the high definition screen, resulting in very small menu icons and text.

Was slightly worried about limited disk space but careful management has kept around half the disk free and you can always stick a large micro SD card in the slot.