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Is there a low battery notification?


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I have had my surface power down twice because I have completely drained the battery.
I don't get any notification about the battery getting low before it turns off. I know there is the battery icon and in the desktop, putting the cursor over the icon will show the percentage remaining, but is there anyway to get a notification that the battery is getting low?

I can't believe that there is no warning message, but I don't think I accidentally turned any notification message off.
Also I can't believe that tablet & phone makers haven't figured out that we like to see the percentage remaining on the battery level indicator. I've gotten add-ons for this on my last 2 phones and hopefully someone will make this for the Surface as well.


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Don't know if you can change the setting here for the low battery notification, but you can definitely change what low percentage for "shutting off"

Go to desktop -> battery -> more power options -> (you can add power options!) advance settings -> battery



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I definitely want to see us be able to pin the battery meter to the metro screen without having to slide the charms bar to see it. And I would like to see a percentage in the symbol too. Maybe someone will write an app for it soon.


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I don't understand why the notification doesn't show. It certainly does in Windows 8 (Pro, not RT) on my laptop (uh, I see it quite frequently.) If this is an RT issue, it will need an update fast. Being surprised by a shutdown SUCKS.

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