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Is there a way to transfer OneNote handwritten notes to another PC?


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I have a fair amount of handwritten notes on my Surface Pro 2 that I'd like to be able to store and view on my desktop. I took them all using OneNote that comes preloaded on Surface Pro 2. Is this possible?


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They should all be on your OneDrive unless you specifically told them to be stored locally, and if you are talking about the Modern UI Version of OneNote, they can only be on your OneDrive. So if you open OneNote on your desktop you should see all of your notebooks.


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I took all of the notes on the Metro version of OneNote that came preloaded with my Surface Pro 2. I'm attempting to find a way to be able to view these on my Windows 7 desktop.

Wayne Orwig

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OneNote is free for use on your desktop...

Download OneNote 2013

Just sign in to OneNote with the same account as your Surface and all your notes will be there....

Well duh.....
I haven't been using OneNote because my older laptop running an old version of office pro didn't have OneNote. Didn't know it was available separately.
This is going to burn some hours learning.

Edit: Short lived test. No good way for me to printer from OneNote unless I'm missing something really obvious.
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As others have said, if you sync your OneNote notebook with OneDrive, then you can open it on as many instances of OneNote on as many devices as you want (PC, Mac, Android, whatever).

If you save the notebook as a local file, you can copy and paste or move the notebook.

OneNote 2013 only became free very recently, so that's a new (and cool) thing.

I've taken notes on my SP2 with the stylus in OneNote and had no problem physically printing my notes. I just hit Ctrl + P and I'm done.

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