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SP Screen Protector


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So when I first bought my Surface Pro 3 I bought the Microsoft Tempered Glass Screen Protector. It was awesome and couldn't tell it was there. Well the other day it cracked so I took it off and have been using it without the screen protector and did not realize how much smoother and easier everything is without it. Games respond more better without the protector , (I.E. Spartan Strike) I haven't had to rewrite handwritten notes in
OneNote anymore. I feel like the screen is just as protected now as it was when I had it on. I am very OCD when it comes to my tech stuff, writing straight on the screen is and not having touch points missed really made my surface feel so much better.


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At £9K a year i'm by no means a rich man and can't afford to replace things, but i flat refuse to use screen protectors, glass or otherwise. I've used a range of protectors in the past from the highest reviewed companies out there, and i've yet to come across a single one that has not created an inferior experience as a result of its use. I just opt to look after my devices as best as I can. No different to putting a case on the SP3 or a phone etc, I'd rather look after it than destroy its form factor and weight etc.