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Is there an app that lets you read Kindle Books

I think the problem the Kindle is DRM. Might be hard to get around that in certain cases.
That's the whole point of the official app is that they want you to use it. Amazon does have a lot of books, but their ecosystem is messed up, which is why I prefer Nook. You can read PDFs or whatever the heck you want.
If you have the Pro, you can install the desktop Kindle app which may perform better.

Metro Kindle just had an update, but haven't tested it yet to see if performance is better.
I have the RT so am stuck with the crappy Metro Version. Have just applied the patch hopefully that will have fixed the silly issues with the app.
I've only had 1 problem with the Kindle app. Once it would work during offline use. otherwise it's been flawless. Guess i'm getting lucky
The last update seemed to increased the stability and usability of the Kindle App....