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Is there any way to get decent touch response in Firefox?


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Touch devices have been around for how long now and I STILL cannot get decent touch response in Firefox? Scrolling is laggy and zagged and pinch to zoom is pathetic. IE has it down perfectly, why can't Firefox get this right? I even tried the Firefox Nightlies which are supposed to work with touch and really no improvement.

Anyone know a way to make Firefox work better with touch? It is my preferred browser but is a hot mess on my SP.
One thing I have noticed in Firefox Aurora (their nightly version) is that turning of "smooth scrolling" actually improves the smoothness of scrolling. Who knew? But it is still jerky and not smooth at all.
I was a total Firefox fan for many many years but I no longer use it for ANYTHING.
It is a shame.
It used to be the BEST browser of all of them but I dunno what happened but it went steadily downhill the last few years.
Way back when it was a subscription browser ... you had to pay for it every year but then it went free with volunteer programmers and it was STILL the best browser but eventually it looks like being free with volunteer programmers has caught up to it and they are no longer capable of making a decent browser.

Do yourself a favor and just remove Firefox ... it isn't worth the hassle.
I have always hated IE but, now, it is the best browser available it seems despite it's horrific failings.
Firefox still has the add-ons which are top notch. FBPurity, AdBlockPlus, all the themes, plus it's still very fast.

Last I saw, FFMetro was launching as Firefox 26 on December 10th.
My primary reason for sticking with Firefox is that it responds well to the qdipp font smoothing algorithm which gives it Apple-quality fonts (i.e, zero zaggies) if you turn off hardware acceleration. IE font-smoothing along with font-smoothing in Office 2013 does not respond to qdipp and thus has horrifically zagged ugly font rendering especially on larger screens. Microsoft's decision to make fonts so much uglier is one of those headscratchers. On my 22 inch desktop screen Word 2013 looks so bad I simply cannot use it.

Firefox looks awesome on my desktop monitor, IE looks like hell. Thanks MS, you constantly amaze me with your ability to always make the wrong choice.