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Is there any way to turn off the touch screen sensor ?

Since my SP2 screen got broken it was working fine with the mouse and touchpad, but now its giving me issues , the mouse at times automatically get stuck at a place from where the screen was broken. is there someway to stop the touch screen from working like we can sttop the trackpad so is there someway we can do the same with the touch screen so i can easily work with my typecover.


i couldn't find a I2C HID , i found the following , can you tell me which one to disable ?? Thank you



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Just try disabling / re-enabling them one at a time. FYI - It might not be labeled touch screen. The touch screen on my Dell XPS 27 stopped working and it ended up being just a generic USB HID device.


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I think you can use "art dock" and there is a button/shortcut to disable touch...

Not sure if that would do what you want