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Is there/ will there be a Minidisplay to HDMI for the surface pro?


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Tried one made for a Mac with no luck. Will there be one from Microsoft? I know the off brand Apple Minidisplay to VGA work and Microsoft has their version as well, really want to just use HDMI in one situation.
Which adapter do I need?

To figure out which adapter you need, look at the video ports on your TV, monitor, or projector.

HDTV: For HD quality, plug the Mini DisplayPort VGA Adapter into the HDMI port on your HDTV.
Projector or monitor: Check the projector or monitor for an HDMI port. If you don’t see one, you can use the Mini DisplayPort VGA Adapter with a VGA port on your projector or monitor. The VGA Adapter is for video only, not for audio.
Surface video adapters are available online in the Microsoft Store.

So is there an HDMI port on the mini displayport VGA adapter? If not how does one do what is bolded above? I feel dense but I haven't seen the adapter, and am not looking to take a $40 chance.
I am using one -mini display to hdmi- I got from the MS store by Belkin - an adaptor and separate HDMI cable. They were out of the ms version and only had the belkin. weird thing is first I put the adaptor on and connected it to other hdmi cords that were attached to various tvs I have and it did not work. I almost returned it to MS but than I forgot it came with an hdmi cord. I ended up trying that and it worked- it only works with the belkin hdmi which comes with it.
I got mine from monoprice. It was $6.65. Works great. I get all my cables from them and never had an issue.