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Surface Pro 4 docking station


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I've purchased a new Surface pro 4 (i5, 256GB HD, etc) for my work. We have tons of VGA and DVI monitors in the office but not HDMI or Display. So I am using our miniDisplay to VGA adapters we get with our Dell ultrabooks. However when ever we plug one of them into the dock the surface's screen keeps going in and out and you can hear noise from the surface as if it's being constantly unplugged and plugged back in. I did test the adapter when its directly plugged into the Surface and it works just fine. No issues.

Are there only certain compatible mDP adapters that will work with the new dock and will the dock work with mDP to VGA adapters (and for DVI as well) ?


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Windows 10 doesn't work well if at all with WSUS, even the Enterprise version. Was just checking. I would try another cable but I can't suggest which of the many manufacturers out there to try. I can tell you that I have had issues with the proprietary natire of a lot of what Dell has done with hardware, going back decades.


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I've tried several different dell adapters. I ordered some startech DVI ones to see if this works. Yeah Dell works nice with dell products (usually). Otherwise not so much. Thanks for the suggestions though and good to know about windows 10 and WSUS. We haven't fully tested "everything" yet but we are starting to get there.