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mini display to HDMI DVI connector question


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Hi all, I am after DVI and HDMI connectors from my surface pro. I found these options;

1. Mini Display Port DP TO Hdmi DVI VGA Adapter FOR Audio Apple Macbook K0E1 | eBay

2. NEW 3 IN 1 Mini Display Port TO DVI Hdmi DP Adapter Cable FOR Apple Macbook PRO | eBay

I prefer the second option as it combines the three separate adaptors. One seller said it may not work for surface pro but he sounded like he was not sure. I know they are selling them for macs but I thought mini display ports are the same. Does anyone have any experience on these adaptors?

Thanks in advance

Wayne Orwig

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No idea if those work, but I ordered one on Ebay, and it wouldn't work. I went to a local computer store and they had one that cost me a bit more, and worked.


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I've tried the first one (not that exact one, but a cheap miniDP to HDMI) and had no trouble with it, I would be wary of something like the second one though as the more it can do, the more can go wrong...


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I don't see why it shouldn't work. First, one of the port is a full size DP so it doesn't require any conversion. Next, since HDMI is essentially just DVI + audio, once DP signal is converted to HDMI, you can get DVI essentially for the cost of the connector and the hook-up. He seemed to have sold quite a few of that, so I'm fairly certain that it should work.