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It looks like Microsoft was smart to scrap the Surface mini


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And now we see another good reason for Microsoft to not release the Surface mini tablet. ITWorld reports that Lenovo has already stopped selling its two smaller Windows-based tablets in the United States because there simply isn’t any demand for them. The decision comes to yank the smaller Windows tablets even though both of them — the ThinkPad 8 and the Miix 2 — haven’t even been out for a year.

That said, there is a bright side here: Lenovo says that it is seeing some strong demand for its larger Windows-based tablets such as the ThinkPad 10 in the United States while also noting that demand for the ThinkPad 8 is strong in markets such as Brazil, China, and Japan.

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The Lenovo didn't sell because it wasn't very good, nor was it particularly cheap. You need to either have a product that's very good (and offers more than the competition) or be ridiculously good value to succeed in the 8 inch and below market. The iPad mini Retina and the Nexus 7 2013 are very good units to compete against. MS Office on 8 inch screen isn't the lure it is on the larger laptop replacements.


Agree with Matt. The Lenovo is just too expensive, and didn't offer a stylus. The Dell Venue 8 Pro on the other hand has hit all of the right buttons for the 8" Windows Tablet market. If Dell actually updates it correctly, they have a real shot at creating the killer "small Windows PC" device.