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IT Workers Take a Shine to Surface Pro


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Microsoft Corp. may get a warmer reception than expected for its Surface Pro tablet which began to show up early in some Microsoft Stores this weekend. About 32% of global information workers said they would like to use the Microsoft Windows operating system for their next work tablet, according to a new survey by Forrester Research Inc. That translates to about 200 million global information workers who may be receptive to Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet.

Microsoft really needs the Surface Pro to be successful among workers. The company is facing a decline in sales of PCs running Windows operating system amid the growing popularity of Apple ’s iPad and Samsung Electronics Co. ’s Galaxy Tab tablets. So far, early adoption of Microsoft Surface seems slower than that of the iPad.

Microsoft is positioning the Surface Pro with its Windows 8 operating system as a more business-friendly tablet alternative to Apple Inc.’s iPad. The Surface Pro can run popular Microsoft office productivity and application development tools and interoperate with other applications businesses used to manage sales contacts or their supply chains. Microsoft has even indicated that the Surface Pro could replace some laptops.

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So much for all those reports that it was doomed before launch by the price and battery life. It looks like 32% of those who are supposed to be in the know about tech are interested in it off the bat. This will probably hit a pretty sweet spot for many companies in enterprise use.