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Well, even jailbroken, you won't be /able/ to run Photoshop, or any other desktop app for that matter, because those programs are built to run on a completely different architecture (x86/x64). Windows RT runs on ARM, and does not include any sort of emulator.

To run desktop software, you're either going to need an emulator (which would add a layer of overhead that's going to be pretty intensive for an ARM tablet to handle) or you're going to need the software to be recompiled for ARM, something most 'big companies' are unlikely to do given that this is not a scenario Microsoft officially support!

The best we're likely to see is an 'underground' of a smattering of apps compiled for ARM that can run on jailbroken Windows RT. It will likely remain the case though, that if you need (and I mean need) desktop software on a tablet, then your best bet is to look to a x86 tablet (preferably one of those Intel Clover Trail based Atom CPUs).


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Will this make the device more popular?
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It wouldn't be impossible for MS to allow certain desktop apps compiled to run on ARM, if they can certify that it will perform well. They could just make them available through the Store making them secure, certified and easily accessible.