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join.me remote take over failed


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I was unable to view my security camara system through Ipolis (Samsung) using IE. I went into compatibly setting to add the IP address and still couldn't view the system.

I called Ipolis and when we tried to do a remote session with join.me it came up with a message to go to the app store. The app was downloaded and still didn't support. We tried another take over, same thing.

I had the same issue with my laptop, calls Ipolis and through join.me they corrected the settings for it to work in IE.




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Remote Assistance, its built into the OS, do a search for it and it should come up...


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I have a security camera I can view using IE but I can only view it after I accept and install the ActiveX control for IE. Your problem might be in Internet Options, Security tab or the Advanced tab. There's a setting in the Advanced tab: ALLOW UNSIGNED SOFTWARE TO RUN ON MY COMPUTER. You can try changing these settings. Keep track of the changes you make;)


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Just got off the phone with Microsoft, being the surface 2 has the RT operating system it doesn't have all the features that 8.1 has. Features that I do need.

Join.me.com you can attend a meeting, BUT you cannot start one. With the app or not!

Far as viewing the Camara's, I see no app for ipoils, Ive been changing settings, just can't get it to view. Brings me to the admin page I sign in nothing. Microsoft has no answer since its a Samsung product. One thing I have to say, the support guy I talked to was awesome! Very professional.

Looks like a surface pro or the dell pro is in the future.