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Firmware Update failing repeatedly.


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Have some issues with the latest firmware updates failing through windows update so did a complete reset.

On reset and initial bootup all devices in the device manager are recognized and working. Current firmware is 2 versions old (Oct 2014).

When windows update detects the firmware update , it downloads it and restarts system, at startup "Please wait while we install a system update" is displayed for a fraction of a second and it skips over the message almost instantly and boots into windows. Windows shows that the device "Touch Firmware" now has an exclamation point beside it saying the machine needs to be restarted for it to work. When its restarted. there is no change and it still does not work. Looking back at the firmware version it remains the old Oct 2014 version and the windows update status for the new version shows "Failed".

Doing a reset again reverts it to showing all of the devices working correctly.
Don't know whats going on for this to be happening with a clean reset.. I even selected it to run on its own so no other updates would possibly interfere.

Does anyone know whats going on here or possibly have a solution? I would love to find a way to try and apply this Firmware update manually instead of through windows update.
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I'm guessing that the Firmware is failing on the non-LTE Surface 2 because there are differences in the hardware? I don't see a non-LTE upgrade option though. Microsoft, please?


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Its really weird and a wide spread issue, I have 3 surface 2'sall had a problem with touch until the firmware update. 2 work fine but the third one continues to fail the install. Doesn't seem like it could be hardware failure as the device is in great shape, but it could be. Its just odd.


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When I got mine, the keyboard was not working and there were errors showing in device manager. The Recovery partition was damaged, so I built a new one with the image from Microsoft Support. The S2 recovered ok and I rolled forward all of the various updates until the Firmware update broke it again. I've hidden the bad update and am happy with the S2 after recovering again but I'd rather have a bulletproof update from Microsoft.


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I have tried USB recovery, one from Microsoft and one from my other S2, to no avail, touch pad works fine, windows home works and all, touch firm ware has the yellow triangle code 10 now cant start, with the firmware update failing. Its just weird could be hardware fail i guess just odd
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