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just bought a wireless adapter for typing covers, ask me anything about it



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that's a good question, but I have no idea... maybe someone more knowledgeable can answer that question.
I wish there was a way for me to buy the BT adapter at a reasonable price to check that :)

Back when my SP2 was new and I was making battery life tests, I found out that the cover backlight level did not have any measurable impact on the battery life, but I did not think of making a battery test without any cover at all..

In any case, the covers virtually sip cover according to the USB power monitor, while the Bluetooth chip sips up to 500mA, so in theory attaching the cover directly should be an order of magnitude more power efficient.

However, there are two potential issues to the above:
1 - The covers may use power from somewhere else instead of using power from the USB bus (quite probable)
2 - Wifi and Bluetooth are on the same chip, so using Wifi may mean you get Bluetooth "for free" or at least at a very reduced energy cost.

So yeah, I guess someone would need to an actual experiment to check this.