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Touch & Type Covers??


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Greetings Everyone,

This is just a quick question about how folks "protect" their Surface (or Surface Pro). I am coming from iPad-land and have always had a Smart Cover/Rear shell on my iPad, installed moments after taking it out of the package. This combo has kept my iPads in mint condition, and I want to do the same for my Surface. There does not seem to be an analogous rear-shell (covered in an earlier post of mine), but we do have something similar to the Smart Cover. I purchased the Microsoft Surface Type Cover within a couple of days of owning my Surface, and chose it due to what I thought was a microfiber/felt covering over the screen. It looked (at first glance) that the Touch cover just touched the screen with vinyl, so I chose the Type cover. Well, as I am sure you all know, the felt back of the Type cover is to keep it from slipping, and NOT to protect the screen. In fact, with the Type cover installed, the keys are right up against the screen. I currently keep a microfiber cloth (small one) between it and the screen when closed, but I have been thinking about picking up a touch cover too. I would want the type cover when I need to do some heavy typing, and the touch cover for mostly screen protection and when I need something more than the on-screen keyboard, but not necessarily a full keyboard. As of now, I fold the Type cover behind the surface, and hold it with the keys facing my palm, or when I set it on the kickstand folded outward (I set it on a big microfiber cloth to keep the keys from getting scratched). Do most folks have both covers, or typically is one "good enough" for protection? Thanks!

Rich S.


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I only have the Type Cover and it seems to work well. Of course, when I carry the Surface around, I have it in a soft case made of some nylon-like material. This seems to work well for me.


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Although this question had been answered already: I'm using the TypeCover only for 6 months and somewhat between medium and heavy use: Yes sometimes you'll see some key-markings on the screen, but they are no scratches and can be removed easily with a microfiber. I also abandoned the cloth between screen and cover. Just carry your surface in a nice case or special carrier bag and everything will be fine.


Given that the Surface touch screen is Gorilla[SUP]®[/SUP] Glass. As long as your type cover is free of debris, you should have no issues with scratches.


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You need not keep a cloth between the cover and the screen. The type cover was designed for the surface, so you don't have to worry about the type cover scratching the screen up. I use the touch cover because its thinner, lighter, and has a nice texture all around. When I fold it back, I don't need to feel the keys pressing and the material is nice and grippy for when I fold it back flat or use it as a stand on my legs or what not. I type pretty fast on it as well. I didn't get the type cover because I knew I could easily get a really nice blue tooth keyboard for heavy typing which would work and feel better than the type cover. In the instances where I can't bring the Bluetooth keyboard with me, its no problem because the touch cover is sufficient for those times.

In regards to protecting the whole body from scratches I use a skin from sticker boy which even covers the sides. I prefer not to use an actual folio case because it adds a lot of weight and thickness to the device and probably insulates more heat in. Remember the surface pro gets a lot warmer than an ipad would.


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Deciding whether to get the touch cover or the type cover was the toughest decision. Ultimately, I'm certain I'll end up owning both, since they both have unique benefits. The touch cover is essentially best suited for everyday transportation of the SP, IMHO, its a cover that has keyboard functionality while the type cover is primarily a keyboard which has cover functionality.. Personally, I prefer using the onscreen keyboard for typing out emails and the such. I prefer the feel or better yet, lack of feel, of the touch cover on the fingers when folded back in screen typing mode, much less distracting. Additionally, its 1/3 the thickness of the type keyboard-hence my decision. But as I said previously, I will probably end up owning both. At the time of purchase I performed several typing tests while comparing both keyboards, the type always came out on top.. All in all, regardless of type or touch, I'm really really enjoying the Microsoft Surface Pro 128GB- I just can't seem to put it down


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I use the combo of the type cover and a sleeve to protect my Surface. Just for style and some added protection, I placed a skin that I ordered from DecalGirl.


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One thing to keep in mind about the type cover no one has mentioned. It is VERY noisy to use. We are talking clicket-clack noisy. If you are in a quiet environment or typing in class or on the phone with clients you will drive people nuts. One of the greatest benefits to the touch cover is that if you turn off the keyboard sounds, it is whisper quiet to use.