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Just got my Surface Pro 2....it is epic and thanks to the forum for the advice.


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I just got the SP2 256/8 last friday. It is simply amazing, I love it. Everything works perfectly. For reference the Lot no. 1403 and it has the 4300 updated CPU.

I've been lurking on the forum for a few weeks getting all the advice so thanks to the people who were posting about the CPU, the patches, the power cover, etc., etc., . All of it was really useful for a new user like me.

It was very difficult to actually get the 256 version here (Netherlands). By chance one of the local shops had a cancelled order. If it wasn't for that, it's the 128 or wait 2+ more months (completely unknown availability is what they say).

I can't believe how it can be a whole real computer (!) when it's next to my iPad 1st Gen, just 3 years old.


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All I know is that the form factor works for me and the device suits my needs, so I think that it is a great device...and I can't wait for the 3rd Generation! :)


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Congratulations! I hope you will enjoy this device. I find it a to be amazing as well.
No other system is like it, and it is what I wanted, 6 years ago.

I also, can't wait to see what will be next for this device.


Yes.....congrats! I have had my 256/8 for about 6 weeks now and, knock on wood, no real problems. I have avoided the Firmware updates, but done all the other updates and combined with the docking station it is working as advertised. In fact, just came back from my local office and 3 other associates have gone out and purchased the 256/8 SP2 based on my recommendation and experience with it (my company required us to get new computers because of the XP issue on our old computers) and so far they are still friendly to me! :) Not saying this would work for everyone, but it is truly a 3 for 1 type of device and just hoping I don't suffer any crazy issues. From work during the week to reading books and listening to music on the weekends, it works for me.


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Well it's more than XP is going to expire support, it's really not a secure OS. I mean we are talking about a 2001 OS, based on a 1993 one, essentially.
It's time to change. It's better for companies and for users.


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That's great man, glad you're enjoying it! Not many people come here to praise the product lol...

I still can't believe they're not stocking these in large enough numbers though, playing it way too safe this time. Maybe they'll get it right with the third generation.
I am also enjoying the SFPro2 (same model) very much, and this comes from a GNU/Linux fan

I had been trying to decide between the SFPro2 and the Dell Venue 11 Pro ever since they were both released. The Dell Venue 11 Pro had removable battery and WWAN/GPS upgrade possibility. However the reviews for the DV11P were quite bad (low performance, heavy throttling, useless pen, easily bricked, etc.) and Dell's Spanish store experience was horrible (the selection of models changed randomly every day, with shipping estimates > 3months). The Surface Pro's higher performance, the fact that MS was still updating the SFPro1, and that Linux compatibility with it was being improved continuously finally made me decide on it.

Hoping to make good use of this device for the next three or four years, so I'm most definitely not looking forward to the 3rd generation ;)

I still can't believe they're not stocking these in large enough numbers though, playing it way too safe this time. Maybe they'll get it right with the third generation.

There has definitely been an availability problem in Europe between February-March. Most of the retailers had no idea when they were going to get a new shipment, if any; and the MS store had been "out of stock" since 2013.

I also managed to snatch mine because of a canceled order, same lot number as yours :). I'm happy I got 4300U as I wanted to play with the transactional memory stuff.

After I got mine, the retailer I got it from completely dropped the SFPro2 from catalog, so now it's only available from the MS store.
However, it's been consistently in stock (all models) for the past week so I assume the stock problems are gone.
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