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Just ordered Laptop Studio to replace Book2


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I skipped Book3, as Book2 was still holding its own (i7 16GB dedicated GPU model). But I couldn't resist the new Laptop Studio so took the plunge, either that or upgrade phone to Duo2, but Duo still runs good despite broken back glass.

Placed order for the SLS yesterday, hoping to receive by end of week or early next week. Will post some feedback once I get some time to check it out.

Quick question, are we getting a new category for SLS in the forum?


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I skipped SB3 because its specs were not compelling enough for me to migrate from my SB2. Although I started to experience performance issues, I stuck with the SB2 because I expected a radical improvement with the "SB4."

So when the SLS was announced, I pre-ordered! I'm so glad I waited for the "SB4" instead of upgrading to an SB3 when it was announced. Let me tell you that you will not be disappointed; the SLS is so extremely snappy! I love it! But the one thing I do miss from the SB2 is the larger screen size; it's not the end of the world, but the screen size/resolution is important to me.

When I pre-ordered the SLS, I also took the opportunity to be USB-C-ready; that is, I purchased a Surface Dock 2, replacement cables, and adapters. Of course, everything arrived before the SLS so when the SLS did arrive, I had everything I needed to make the full transition.

As for the forum, since the Surface line became mainstream, this site is no longer what it used to be; for example, I expected "Official - I ordered/received an SLS" threads, but they don't exist. It's both sad and unfortunate.