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Surface laptop studio disk replacement problem (compatibility issue?)

Since it seemed fairly easy and I have done it on my Laptop 3 (128=>WD512) a long time ago, I decided to replace the nvme drive in my new laptop studio. I did an updrade from 256GB to 1TB WD Black. All went smooth until the next day, when I started to get blue screens and eventually the device wouldn't even boot anymore (no bootable drive found). So..a faulty drive, or at least I thought that and I put the original 256GB drive back in and the computer worked ok.

After a week I got another drive, this time 1TB WD blue, did the cloning again, replaced the original drive and voila, it worked fabulously.. until next day when I discovered that the computer shuts down when in sleep. Later I started getting blue screens and finally, from time to time, the computer would not boot, because it couldn't find a bootable drive.

So..I am back on the original drive and clueless. Only piece of info, that I have found on the internet, was a comment from some dude with a similar experience with a WD drive and surface laptop studio.

Any ideas?