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Just want to confirm what others have reported about wear & tear.


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As a former owner of a Surface RT, and now a SP1, I can add to the mix:

I had my RT for 6 months - absolutely no damage. I used a sleeve to store it, and actually took it out of the sleeve to use it, and still no problems.

I have had my pro for 6 months - it started getting scratches around the charger the first week. I keep it in a portfolio style case, and have since put a decal on it as well, but it is definitely more fragile and scratch prone than my RT was.

I baby my devices. They do not leave home, and I never set them on a bare surface... lol. My Pro has always been in a portfolio case... So, yeah.

Love it otherwise! Just don't understand how they missed the mark so badly with the finish.

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