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First day with my Band...



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Yes - only time will heal your grief over those scratches. The scratches won't heal, though.

I keep the plastic screen protector on, which hides scratches well, and prevents new marks on the screen area. The rest of the Band, especially around the edges, gets plenty of wear.

A winner watch, though.

The corners of my are going grey already! Still, you can't beat the usefulness of this thing...

Literally just half an hour ago I made a phone call to return a product. They had to send through a verification number over email which I had to quote before they could process it. Started panicing as I can't get Outlook emails at work, and I couldn't get it on my iPhone as I was on the call to them! However just as I was thinking what to do, *buzz* there goes my Band with the email and code :)

Really helped me out!