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keyboard AND type cover?


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Hi all. Does anyone use the type cover as more of a case and quick type function and then use a keyboard for work? I am always making errors with the type cover so I have been using my old apple keyboard and I find its easier. Now suddenly the keyboard and surface pro 3 won't sync up and it's pissing me off so I may buy another keyboard. I'm just beyond my best buy 45 day return window so I'm stuck with the type cover.


I do. Why I wish there were just covers sold that were cheaper than the role covers. I've never had that issue though, but I use a wired keyboard.


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You say 45 day return so I assume you must be talking about your type cover not connecting, not your old apple keyboard?

Warranty is warranty. 45 day return has no effect on that. If you are indeed talking about the type cover not working, then just get in touch with MS and they'll sort it right out.

For reference, I frequently have issues with my type cover not connecting to my sp3, requires a lot of detaching and re-attaching. But I know MS will replace if I ask. I have a 2mm cut on the corner of the type cover where my palm rests and MS have said they'll happily replace it because of that alone.