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Touch Cover vs Type Cover


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I could never get used to the capacitative touch onscreen keyboard on my iPad or Nexus and I have always used an external keyboard with tactile feedback which works great for me. Therefore, my preference is to order the Type Cover instead of the Touch Cover. Does anyone know if the Type Cover adds additional bulk or weight to the device? Any reason NOT to use the Type Cover? I still want the cool factor :big smile:
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According to the specs Type Cover will add both bulk and weight.

Touch Cover: 3.25mm thick and ~0.46lbs

Type Cover: 6mm thick and ~0.55lbs

Hard to say what that means in the real world when attached to the tablet. The thickness would probably be noticeable but not necessarily the weight. However, the feel difference may be enough to pick one over the other regardless of these differences.
I can type pretty fast on the iPad's touch screen KB. I never had an issue using that.

Besides that the touch cover is said to be better than a capacitive screen though not quite a real keyboard. It does have individual keys you can feel and is pressure sensitive so that just resting your fingers on the keys doesn't cause them to type. This should result in faster typing than just touch screen. Early reviews are that the touch cover is very nice to type on.
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If nothing else the touch cover will protect the screen. If I can type decently on it too, that will be a plus.
The few people that have actually touched the Touch Cover and used it a bit say it's pretty good. They all seem to agree you can type faster on it than the onscreen keyboard. As far as the Type Cover, I haven't seen anything specific about how it feels (other than what was said at the Keynote). We'll just have to wait for details. Or wait till next Friday and I'll tell ya!! :D
I wonder if the type cover's keys would eventually scratch the glass?

Good thought. I know the iPad cover that Apple makes doesn't exactly scratch the glass but it does leave annoying marks on it.
I have a Type cover and been using it a few days, I really like it, I'm not a fast typist but get on with it very well. As far as scratching the screen, it is Gorilla Glass so should be OK. However call me paranoid but I have put a screen protector on it anyway (got a Galaxy Nexus when they launched and it scratched within a week so a little over protective now)
I can only talk about it from my demo experience as I have not purchased one yet, but in my time at the MS store the other night I really liked the touch keyboard. I was expecting to really dislike it and believed I would prefer the type keyboard, but I was wrong. The touch keyboard worked great, very responsible and accurate, could type at nearly full speed. When I do get mine, it will be with the touch keyboard.