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Keyboard as a default?


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Some time ago, an update to my SP4 "cured" the annoying problem of the writing space appearing instead of the on screen keyboard when I was using the pen. I have just had to rebuild my SP4 due to a corrupted settings file. I have loaded all the recommended updates but the problem has returned in that if I am using the pen but want to fill out a form or type something, the handwriting box appears.

Does anyone know which update fixed this or whether there is another fix that can be applied?



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I doubt there is a fix, because it makes sense that if you are using the pen, then the writing bar comes up, because that is what the pen was designed to be used for, writing. It's been like this as long as I recall.


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If you want the keyboard to pop up, you need to tap the text block with your finger instead of the pen.

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