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Keyboard no worky! Type 2

RanJ Installs

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Hey guys, hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here.

I have a Surface RT that came with 8.1. Yesterday I purchased a spiffy new Type 2 Cover keyboard, we all know the one. Things were going for the first couple of hours but now it doesn't respond to the keys! At all! Well, kinda?

Ok, heres the lowdown, the touch pad still works perfectly. LED backlight works as it should. Push F1 or F2 and the LED brightness behaves like it should.... push F3 and the Surface mutes as it should. Fn and PgDn or Del and the screen brightness is as adjusted as it should... but thats it! Nothing else! If I touch in a text box, the cursor appears, the keyboard lights up but nothing... the moment I disconnect the Type 2, the On Screen Keyboard pops up and it's business as usual. I have it booked in for Microsoft Service but that could take weeks and which one has the problem? The surface or the Type?

Anyone experienced this before? any thoughts? A reboot doesn't work unfortuneatly, and by reboot, I mean complete power down.... not just sleep.

Many thanks in advance.


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It may not be the Surface that's the problem, but the keyboard. Instead of waiting on Microsoft service, have you tried taking it to a local brick-and-mortar chain and test out another keyboard on it?


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while that would be a great way to test, with all too many brick-and-mortar chains not having any store stock at all of the Covers, might be difficult to accomplish.


The type 2 cover on my Surface Pro does the same on my Surface RT, though many searches on google say it should work, it would seem it does not, even on the Microsoft site it says it does, though it works great on my Surface Pro. Jim

RanJ Installs

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Just got off the phone with Microsoft tech support. As suspected, keyboard was fine, Surface was at fault but only as far as a driver issue. For future reference and also to JimKraz hopefuly?
Search for "Device Manager" disconnect keyboard, open "Other devices" and then reconnect keyboard, wait for it to refresh and then select "Unknown Device" Go upto "Action" menu drop down and select "Update Driver Details" first one on the list. Don't do an automatic update, instead, select Browse from list of devices or something of that ilk. Again, select "keyboard" and then select "HID Keyboard Device" mine listed the Type Cover Filter as an option... thats not it. Now hit "Next" and let it update the driver and all should be resolved... hopefully!