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surface rt and type cover 2


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Hi all,

I have bought a Microsoft rt 32 GB a few months ago. Now i have bought the type cover 2.

when i attach the cover, the lights of the cover work, the F1, F2,... also work as does the mouse pad. But It is not possible to type anything.

Does anyone has an idea regarding this problem?

Thanks a lot,
hi kristel:

on the start screen, start typing "control panel" until it shows up and open it. or, go to the desktop and open control panel.
open location settings and check "turn on the windows location platform".

now you should have the option to enable or disable it.
I think you got the wrong thread...cuzz your answer has nothing to do with the touch keyboard working lol I'm also having the same trouble with my friends keyboard... she has the Surface 1 RT
doesn't mean I wasn't going to try it, even tho it went against all logic and totally makes no sense, because funny I was able to deduce even before trying it wasn't going to work...and it didn't. so what does that say?
that's a last resort, I know others have had the same trouble here and I know there is a solution on the forum....some where and if I don't find it then I call support...
Hi all,

In case someone has the same problem. I have renewed (restored) my windows (without loss of my files and apps) and now it works fine!