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Keyboard (touch cover) Not Registering


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Hey guys,

I just got a surface yesterday and I'm running into an issue with the touch cover. When I close it/bend it past a certain point and open it again to type, it won't register the touch cover for about 2-5 minutes. I can use the digital keyboard fine, but the touch cover will not work unless I let it sit for a few minutes. I've tried pulling it out and re-adjusting it to no luck. If I do this the same issue occurs. Is anyone else running into this problem?

I've also pulled it out and used another person's touch cover and the problem persists even with a new touch cover where he is having not issues at all with his.
Try searching this forum. There was another thread about this issue and it seems to be related to an update (perhaps your friend hasn't updated yet). To get functionality back I believe you can detach and reattach instead of waiting 2-5 minutes.
Thanks, I'll have to look around. I've done most updates I believe.
detaching and reattaching is not working for me.
My RT has all the updates and the Touch Cover won't be recognized from cover to keyboard unless I detach and attach.