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Surface RT: edges of screen registers taps... help?


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Hey all,

I'm not sure if this is an 8.1 issue, or an issue with the pad itself.

A few times a day, when I'm using the surface, the edge of the screen will start to register finger taps over and over again. This causes everything I do to behave wildly, and sometimes renders my own taps inert. The touches usually register in the top right corner, but a moment ago it was happening on both sides of the screen simultaneously.

Another one I have is when I'm on the metro screen (start menu) it will sort of start vibrating slightly, and any attempt to pull the screen up or down is met with resistance, like something is already keeping it in place... if that makes sense.

Has anyone heard of these issues? I was trying to run a google search, but it's not something thats easy to articulate in a few words.

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Honestly, I would get that investigated by Microsoft. Should still be under warranty even if you bought the first-first gens the day it came out. Sounds like a hardware issue than software.
Thanks oion, I thought that was probably the case, but never huts to ask! I'll try the proper channels. *sigh*
I had this happen - phantom touches in the corners. A reboot would fix it, but it was annoying. I called MS support, they said it could be static buildup, but they sent me a new one and the issue has never come back. I would call support. They were good to deal with and handled the swap quickly.
Sounds like a defective touch sensor. Of the 17 ThinkPad Tablet2's we had in-house we have seen this once as well. I would think with almost a billion dollars in RT's sitting in storage they would be more than happy to hook you up with a replacement.
Thanks guys. It's reassuring to know that I'm not the only one. Definitely going to be after a replacement this week.